Exterior Painting

A. Quality surface preparation and application including the following:

Exterior Painting Job: BEFORE
Exterior Painting Job: BEFORE

a. All exterior surfaces being painted will be pressure cleaned and mildewcided to remove loose and chalky paint, dirt, bug nests etc.
b. In additional to pressure cleaning, any loose or peeling paint will be scraped, sanded and spot primed as needed.
c. All cracks, joints and window returns will be caulked.
d. If windows are being painted, old glazing will be replaced if needed.
e. If there are masonry surfaces to be patched they will be repaired as needed.
f. All plants will be protected during the painting operations.
g. All bare wood and/or other surfaces will receive the proper primer prior to paint application.

B. Quality application procedures including the following:

Exterior Painting Job: AFTER
Exterior Painting Job: AFTER

a. 2 coats of quality Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints are applied to all exterior surfaces being painted.
b. Customers choice of colors and sheens with our recommendations for both.

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